About this girl

About Kelly Marie:
I'm Kelly Marie. I am a college nursing student but my dreams are to pursue my life as a photographer and a creative entrepreneur. I'm the type of girl that wants to be the wife and be the mommy while being crafty/creative at home. I was born in Jersey, raised in Ohio and now traveling with my boyfriend who is in the Navy. We are currently stationed in Japan and off to San Diego together (finally!) sometime in 2011.

 I started blogging because I needed an outlet to be creative and journal. I love writing.I constantly have stories and thoughts that I hate holding in. Being honest I think way to much for my own good, to the point that I can't sleep some nights. I also love hearing stories and that's why I have open ears and a clear mind as. My grammar is questionable though, and I write the way I talk, choppy and exaggerated.

I absolutely love being a girl and all the little perks that come with being that, such as: everything I buy being pink, painting my nails all the time, doing things on a whim, it being exceptable to be in my 20's and still adore Hello Kitty. I do love the simple things in life but don't get me wrong...I love a good pair of heels with 100 other pairs of shoes waiting, Victoria Secrets anything, handbags, sappy magazines, my mocha frapps or cups of tea and the glitzy glamor. I'm guilty of loving chick flicks and I'm that girl that youtube's stuff like the "Dougie" and dances in front of her mirror alone wishing I owned a pair of furry Go-Go dancer boots. I'm smiling now C:

I am deeper than all of the material items and that is what I think makes me a little unique. I'm really in touch with nature and always find a place of serenity when I am submerged in it. The sound of thunderstorms and rain makes my soul come alive. I live and love chances when I can soak up the stars at night, the sound of waves on a windy beach and the snow falling even though I'd rather be watching that fall from behind a window. I grew up in the woods on our small farm. The sounds of the night "peepers" and bullfrogs is what put me to sleep. 

About my other half and I:

I was made to love and be loved. With that said: I am in love with most amazing man ever, James. aaaahh :)You know when you are a little girl and you dream about meeting a guy that is going to do all the cute things you see in movies and make you feel amazing. Well, I was lucky enough to actually find that.
 לְדוֹדִי וְדוֹדִי לִי הָרֹעֶה בַּשּׁוֹשַׁנִּי
We've spent many months apart from each other because of him being stationed literally on the opposite side of the world of me. We've had a pretty good share of deployments where there couldn't be phone calls, we never got to webcam but we send letters of love. There is nothing like a hand written letter I can tell you that now. We have had a lot of ups and downs but our love is still strong and unfailing. I know that if you asked anyone they would say those two people love each other.

Jimmy is pretty much the rock of my life. He's my best friend too. I couldn't imagine him not spending the next 50 years of my life with me and I don't even remember the years when he wasn't around...it feels like it's always been "us". He has an infectious smile, giving heart and a strong love. He spoils me and treats me like a queen which I claim to be but that's only because he's my King.


  1. How nice to be in love! Me too, I really adore my husband and love very much my daughter :o) I consider myself lucky, everything else is less important!
    I am Japanese, so it's great to hear you are there, and hope yo like Japan! ( I live in London & Morocco now)


  2. I think I'm just stalking your blog today, I haven't spend much time on it before, and I really like this, it's awesome to see a little into your life, and I didn't know about the nursing major or a lot else. And I love reading about people's love stories, they always make me smile =)