Sunday, May 22, 2011

Give me a bad blogger award!

If there was an award for being a bad blogger for a few months I would win. I am going to say what the hecks has been going on with this thing in the past couple days? I have been trying to post but it's been weird on this site. Thankfully its friggin working now. Anyways y'all...

Kind of got some news that was pretty disappointing a couple weeks back. Our plans of being in San Diego within the year have been canceled for 2011. The Navy gave us a nice swift kick to the nuts but it doesn't end there. Due to his orders to the states being canceled for uncontrollable reasons he is also now being sent on deployment. Yeah...insert a nice big sad face. There is nothing we can do so we are going to make the best of it. Still disappointing and not looking forward the time apart during another deployment we have to go through.

Dear Deployment, I hate you. Love, Kelly

I am leaving Japan in the beginning of June, sadly. I tried last week to take a ton of photo's but I'm honestly sad about leaving that I haven't even bothered loading them. I've been trying hard to put a smile on my face even though it feels like this distance bull crap is never going to end. I did purchase a lot of material to start making hair bows and selling them because I'm going to be bored, registered for classes so I can stay busy and plan on hitting the gym with old friends so I don't turn into a whale. Trying to turn this pile of negative into something good.

Here is a peek of what I saw behind my lens recently.
My favorite type of flower.
I wanted this piece of wood. I don't know what it says though.
kerry ruvs her famiry too.
SUPER weird display of toys.
popular bar the people on base go too.
the park. it looks amazing when their are Cherry Blossoms.
Kids getting off of school. They all have bells attached to their bags
so it sounds insane when 300 kids start running to go home.
Signs at the temple by our house.
Piece of wood with writing on them by the temple. 
Still not sure of the exact meaning.
pretty orchid :)
I don't know if anyone noticed but I LOVE flowers and 
I always take tons of pictures of them.

To end this post...I'm going to try and post more while I am here but be sure to look forward to words from me when I am back in the states. Going through a deployment I'm going to be spending a lot of time alone but online like old times....some may know what I'll be going through. Anyways, please if you read this send some prayers to us in Japan. I don't really want to leave and it's getting pretty hard these days since I am leaving VERY SOON :c

From a sad Kelly today.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I didn't fall off the face of the Earth c:

I don't even know where to start with a post errmmm. I feel like such a bad blogger now! Sincerely sorry for just falling off the face of the Earth for sometime....However, *drumroll* I am back.

A few things have happened since my last post so I will try to update. The major news is that I'm back in Japan living with my love. I left after the quake as you all know, went to my brothers in South Dakota then back to Ohio for only a few days until I got the okay that I could go back. Things here are mostly calm, we've only had minor quakes since I've been here. The weather is hands down perfect. I am loving this sunshine, soft breeze and being able to see these plants in bloom. It's cherry blossom season out here as well and woahhh let me tell you it's bea-u-ti-ful. It's great being back here with my love, I didn't like the fact that I was back at home because I didn't know when I was going to see him again. Aaah, this military life but in the end all things will be well. Finding that I need to stay positive daily.

I'm hoping I can jump back into the blogger world and hear from everyone soon. I plan on trying to catch up with everyone's posts so look for cupofserenity comment love.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Last year Pictures in Japan

Well I officially made it back in Ohio for 6 days
I'm leaving in a couple hours to head to the Cleveland Airport then I'm off to South Dakota! I can't stand being in Ohio any longer people. This place is a perfect example of the color brown or gray. My sister in law is having a baby boy at any minute basically. Thankfully she's cooked him an extra couple days for Aunt Kelly to be there. I will be posting from South Dakota within the week so stay tuned. 

I am very happy that I am traveling out North West. I will see my niece and nephew(s) eee!! but also I'm going to have this outlet away from thinking about Jimmy being gone and missing him tons. The past couples days have been a mess. I slept until 5pm today because there was just no point in getting up to think about all of this. I am happy with my life (just in case you thought I was sad sally) I am just really missing him.
 It's weird how things are when we are apart...they just don't feel right ya know? I've got this little emptiness going on I just need to distract me. any ideas on how?

I found my old camera that had lots of photo's on it.
There were even pictures from last year in Japan. Brought tears to my eyes when I thought about everything that is going on and of course seeing the pictures of Jimmy didn't help me.
 View from flight line toward Fuji
 Hey handsome :)
 View from our house looking at the Zama-Shi area.
 Down our driveway/street when they were doing construction.
 Walking to the store by our house.
 Neighbors across the street.
 Neighbors around the corner.
 The temple by our house. I love this place. I go to read here.
 At the temple.
 Full view of the Temple, you can see the dragon fountain & mini bridge where the koi fish are swimming under.
 During the rainy spring season. I love this time in Japan.
 I'm in heaven at this point with these flowers.
 soo pretty. I need to edit them and make them brighter.
 Street going to work that always smells weird.
 I hope this will be me a Jimmy. Old and in love.hehe
 The Cherry Blossoms...okay NOW I'm in heaven. They are beautiful
That's my baby cheesing real hard.ha I'm crying right now as I look at this. Boy oh Boy, this military life sometimes stinks but its worth it in the end.

Please continue to pray for the Japanese people and also for the relief crews. The thoughts of what is going on has still not left my mind. I'm starting to realize I need to attempt to not think about it because it makes my chest thumpy. I'm glad I posted that prayer on my left side bar because it reminds me that he loves me and is trained to do these missions. When we will see each other again? Who knows but things will be okay.

 Kelly Marie 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jimmy is in the news!!!

Really awesome news, Jimmy was featured in Stars and Stripes the military paper! I'm soo proud and excited. Here is the article on it and there are a ton of pictures of Jimmy.
The article starts out saying this, "...James Rivers became the face of the U.S. military’s humanitarian relief efforts for hundreds of Japanese people Tuesday."

Navy crews reach quake victims with life-sustaining humanitarian aid - Earthquake Disaster in Japan - Stripes

Jimmy was also featured on Photo 1 and Photo 2. The pictures on here are very small and it says Marines BUT I know it is him. I could pick Jimmy out in a wears waldo book.hehe I can tell from gear, the helo and also there was another picture of one of his best friends as well. He doesn't really toot his own horn so as you can see I am tooting it for him. I'm soo proud!

What I'm loving today...
*I love my man. Seriously, could I have got anyone better? I think not. I am a really blessed girl.

*I'm loving that I get to leave for South Dakota this Saturday. I get to see my niece and my nephew AND my newest nephew who is on his way within the week!

*I love this rain we have been getting even though Ohio is nothing but mud, the rain helps me sleep at night. It's weird sleeping since Jimmy's not with me.

*I'm loving that we have Starz on TV free for a whole year. I've been watching new released movies since I got home from Japan.

*I'm loving that I got a good nights sleep last night. Melatonin does this girl good.

Kelly marie.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Evacuated Japan.

I'm really sorry that it has taken me so long to get on the blog and update everyone. 

Where do I even start? 
This has been the most traumatic past days of my entire life.

I will eventually get around to posting about the earthquake and such but right now I can't even start to write about that because more has happened. Things got really crazy when the radiation leaks started going on all throughout the area. 

On the 17th we got a call around 2 p.m. telling us that Jimmy was deploying in the morning. My heart sunk. Now with only a couple hours notice and lots of stuff to do I had to get ready to evacuate Japan.

Not knowing what would happen we packed as if we weren't going to come back to the house because who knows the end result of these reactors. I've never had knots in my stomach like this before...have you ever thought about what items in your entire house you would try to cram into three bags in case you were to never come back? In all and your family need to think about this. You need to have supplies ready in case something happens because now I understand the I'd rather be safe than sorry. Also, because of all of this for the rest of my life I will do such things for my family because I see it's importance.

We had only a few hours to purchase things for Jimmy, clean the house to prevent bugs and everything else while we were away, switch my plane tickets which I was on hold literally for 6 hours, pack our bags, stop by work and try and have a good night before we are separated again. It was all way too fast.

I ended up having the worst trip of my life and I'm not just saying that....Here is how the 18th went in list form:
  1. Dropped off at taxi at 6am for Airport. Had a very short goodbye with Jimmy. It all was going bye so fast I could barely cry because I didn't know what to do.
  2. About a $500 cab ride later my friend Bronte and I arrive @ Tokyo Narita Airport.
  3. I stand in the line of about 500 people to check my bags with Delta so I can then move onto security and then onto customs.
  4. I was informed that my bags were going to cost me $700, yes I repeat $ put on the plane. I had three bags which two of them were "supposed to be free" to check it. I fought with the people for about 20 minutes before they took my boarding pass and told me that I had to pay.
  5. I told them that I wanted to get my bags so I could throw my clothes away but they said "the bags are gone already" so what does this means they are lazy and couldn't get them and were now forcing me to pay when I could have made the bags cheaper.
  6. I ask if I can change my thing til tomorrow so I can talk to Jimmy (mind he's already gone but was going to call when he could that day) and they say nope, "you're already checked in."
  7. So basically they didn't care that I would get stuck in Japan but were so kind to tell me that they could set my up to purchase a $3,000 something dollar ticket for the 19th or I could even fly first class for $5,000 something. How nice of them!! %$#%#@
  8. At this point I'm forced to find an ATM....
  9. The ATM's are out of money....
  10. I have a break down at the ATM where I'm about 100% sure I looked like a manic and a old man walks up to me and asks me if I am okay.
  11. Long story short...he was the vice president of HSBC Bank and hands me $700 in Tokyo. Angel in disguise?
  12. I make it through security but then low and behold my passport was flagged because I was supposed to leave the country on the 17th but we changed my ticket to Guam when we found out he was deploying.
  13. I sit in customs until 20 minutes before my plane is supposed to literally leave. I was asked why I stayed in Japan...hmmm let's see here?
  14. Then had to run all the way to my gate so I didn't miss my flight which I was the last person to get on.
  15. After being tested for radiation twice, each one of my bags being tested for radiation I now am late for my other flight.
  16. Being stopped at security because I had too many quarters in my backpack. I was obviously a terrorist. 
  17. I almost miss my flight to Cleveland luckily they waited for me to get to the plane.
  18. 12am I'm home in Ohio and its sucks.
I even left some stuff out like waiting for my bags for two hours and being so nervous and stressed I had hives. Jimmy being put into this mess and having to leave him behind. It didn't end!

    Now I'm home and I don't even know what to say. I basically feel like I had Jimmy ripped from my hands without a proper goodbye but I guess that's the military life ya know. I don't know when we are going to see each other again, I don't know when he'll be back in the states...I just don't know anything right now. I miss Jimmy I do know that.

    My heart is completely torn for the Japanese people. Knowing first had that they are the most respectful and mannered people ever, my heart goes out to them. I can't stop watching CNN and I cried last night when they showed the people crying on TV. The destruction of the quake, tsunami and now radiation is unfathomable to me. Everything was fine there last Thursday. I once again can't find the words to describe what I am thinking. Please continue to pray for these people and also please pray for the members of all groups that are trying to aid in this situation.

    Kelly Marie 

      Friday, March 11, 2011

      I'm in Japan

      Hey everyone! I had another chance to get online. Things are going to be really crazy for the next week or so here. I don't know if I am going to be able to post or not. Our squadron is on alerts for personnel recovery right now so I plan on staying with Jimmy as much as possible because we still are getting quakes out here and I don't know if the trains are working. 

      It was really scary yesterday when it happened but I am extremely thankful that I was with Jimmy because I would have freaked out. He was extremely calm the entire time and made sure we were going to be okay. I will give the full story later on what happened but basically we were getting out car inspected when the 8.9 hit. The only way I can describe it is the building looked like a roll tide kept going through it. We are still feeling shakes now and the cellphones keep going down probably because everyone is calling someone. I will keep everyone posted though.

      Please pray for the Japanese families affected and also for the recovery teams that are at work.

      Kelly Marie

      All is okay here in Japan.

      Hey you all. I just now got a chance to get online but I wanted to let everyone know that we are okay from the quake. We keep feeling little shakes but I will post more about it tomorrow but just wanted to say we are okay.

      Tuesday, March 8, 2011

      Wednesday Wishes

      It's my first time participating in this so let's give it a try :)

      I  wish that a couple months from now this will be me running on the beach in San Diego. I honestly don't care if it's on the beach or not...I just want to run.
      I wish that I could ride in this floating house. How it would land safetly on the ground is beyond me. Here's the article of it UP inspired floating house it's really awesome.

      I wish that I had a fab reason to wear this dress.
      I wish that I had a baby bulldog puppy right now BUT we have to wait until we get in the states. The animals out here are so much $$$ and I would be nervous about the flight home for our little guy. I can't wait to have our wittle fur baby.
      daww what a sweet little baby. I wanna poke it's nose!

      Kelly Marie

      Monday, March 7, 2011

      happy thoughts, great day

      Today is a great day. I'm kind of overwhelmed with my happy levels right now but this is a good thing. Well starting out this post...he's back home, woot!  I'm one happy girl. The entire time that he was gone I was extremely bored. I am happy to say that I am now busy again which is the reason I haven't posted in a couple days or had a chance to comment on everyone stuff as well. I'm going to do my best to play catch up with in the next couple days. 

      Where do I start?
      He's back home and that in itself can make an entire post of awesomeness. He came home and surprised me with a lion, a rose and a super cute card. My man spoils me completely but I am not complaining about that. He also got me a beautiful small wooden chest that I have been dreaming about having for a while now. It kind of reminds me of something a pirate would put treasure in. Let's just say its perfect. He got me some other little prizes while he was gone too. I love the little things that he gets because he knows exactly what kind of stuff I like and appreciate.
      My treasure chest and lovely rose. I love this box.
      I have a thing for shells c:
      and sand....
      My chest full of my bootay, gee I'm such a pirate people.
      I am totally loving this time we get to spend together working out and such. I'm starting to take my love for it all back up. I feel more inspired every single day. The only this is now I wanted to kick it into full gear and see what I am capable of.

      I'm thinking today about how happy I am with my life. It seems like 2011 is going to be a good year with lots of big things happening.  I'm getting kind of tired of living in Japan but so happy that I am with Jimmy. It's going to be great when we are in the states and I can't tell you how much we are both looking forward to that. I was talking about Ohio today with a couple people and I'm really glad to be out of the area being completely honest. I hear how things are, the weather and it makes me appreciate the opportunities that I have right now and the ones ahead of me. You guys, I am excited for the future but I'm so happy to be able to enjoy today as well which is important. 
      In other news, received a blogger award while I was gone from the computer this week. I wanted to thank Dropped Stitches and also my friend Shareen. Check out there lovely blogs if you get the chance please.

      I don't even know what else to say right now.
      I'm kind in a really beautiful, happy place.
      I'm going to step away from the computer & embrace this.

      I hope you all find a piece of serenity today.
      Kelly Marie


      1. Do you pay your bills online or through snail mail?
      online but I do love snail mail.
      2. How many email accounts do you have?
      Just two: personal and a school one.
      3. Do you use XM/Sirius, radio, ipod, CD, or etc.. in your vehicle?
      Ipod but my friend has XM and it was so nice!
      4.  What shows are sparking your interest on TV right now?
      Modern Family, Jersey Shore etc. I can't watch much in Japan. 5. Name 3 things that you think of when you hear the word "GREEN"! 
      1)Organic 2)St. Patty's Day 3)Rain forest

      Wednesday, March 2, 2011

      Fumbly fingers, lost thoughts

      Hello from Japan

      I'm having one of those blogger brain farts again and it's driving me mad. It's like my mind is moving 100 miles hr and I feel like I have so much to spill out but when my fingers touch the keyboard it's instantly gone.
      I am happy to say that tomorrow I will be overhaul clean the entire house so it sparkles when Jimmy gets home the following day. I only have a few things to do besides that 1)Finish book for school 2)Take Exam for book 3)Write a 8 pg. paper. Doesn't seem like too much but this paper has me left a little stressed since I got in surprisingly today. Sometimes I wonder why I hate school and then stuff like this graciously reminds me.

      It started to rain again today and I started thinking about life and such like I always do. Rain awakens my thoughts I guess you can say. I've decided I need a journal for days like this...via

      Writing, make collages and small doodles with big meanings are things I need to put down. I need to get my favorite pen, new parchment daily and document it. Whether what I say is important or not I need to do this for me and for my brain if that makes sense.

      kelly marie

      Since I was bored today and procrastinating with college I made a typical Kelly outfit. Some of the stuff is are pricey but it's always feasible to recreate. I do intend of purchasing a pair Ray-Ban's and those red crystal heart studs are obviously something that I need right now. The Marc Jacobs bag is dreamy however, I'm pretty sure Jimmy would kill me. Also, I kind of have a thing w/red on me.

      Outfit #1

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