Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

It's my first time participating in this so let's give it a try :)

I  wish that a couple months from now this will be me running on the beach in San Diego. I honestly don't care if it's on the beach or not...I just want to run.
I wish that I could ride in this floating house. How it would land safetly on the ground is beyond me. Here's the article of it UP inspired floating house it's really awesome.

I wish that I had a fab reason to wear this dress.
I wish that I had a baby bulldog puppy right now BUT we have to wait until we get in the states. The animals out here are so much $$$ and I would be nervous about the flight home for our little guy. I can't wait to have our wittle fur baby.
daww what a sweet little baby. I wanna poke it's nose!

Kelly Marie


  1. Thanks for participating in the wednesday wishes!! I love what you choose especially the UP house which I think is incredible and so is that dress :)

  2. Your blog header is so creative and pretty! Can't wait to explore your blog more. :)

  3. Are you and the boo moving to SD after Japan? So jealous! You're living the dream! Also, that puppy just made my morning

  4. I love that dress. Running in warmer weather is something I'm def. looking forward too. I'm a new follower from Wednesday Wishes.

  5. Yeah we will be heading to SD right after Japan which is in the next couple months. Ill need to go back to Ohio for a little bit to get stuff sorted out but other than that Cali it is :)

  6. Love that "Up" house, just got done reading the article and I want to be in it too. and that dress is pure love.

  7. Kelly - I don't know how else to contact you. My heart is deeply saddened over what has happened in Japan today and I am just writing to make sure that you are okay. Please email me whenever you see this - kymberly.young@yahoo.com

  8. I hope everything continues to go alright for you in japan! Stay safe...

    Newest follower from the You Like Me friday blog hop.
    Please stop by my blog and return the follow.
    Thanks and have an awesome weekend! :)