Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jimmy is in the news!!!

Really awesome news, Jimmy was featured in Stars and Stripes the military paper! I'm soo proud and excited. Here is the article on it and there are a ton of pictures of Jimmy.
The article starts out saying this, "...James Rivers became the face of the U.S. military’s humanitarian relief efforts for hundreds of Japanese people Tuesday."

Navy crews reach quake victims with life-sustaining humanitarian aid - Earthquake Disaster in Japan - Stripes

Jimmy was also featured on Photo 1 and Photo 2. The pictures on here are very small and it says Marines BUT I know it is him. I could pick Jimmy out in a wears waldo book.hehe I can tell from gear, the helo and also there was another picture of one of his best friends as well. He doesn't really toot his own horn so as you can see I am tooting it for him. I'm soo proud!

What I'm loving today...
*I love my man. Seriously, could I have got anyone better? I think not. I am a really blessed girl.

*I'm loving that I get to leave for South Dakota this Saturday. I get to see my niece and my nephew AND my newest nephew who is on his way within the week!

*I love this rain we have been getting even though Ohio is nothing but mud, the rain helps me sleep at night. It's weird sleeping since Jimmy's not with me.

*I'm loving that we have Starz on TV free for a whole year. I've been watching new released movies since I got home from Japan.

*I'm loving that I got a good nights sleep last night. Melatonin does this girl good.

Kelly marie.


  1. That's so awesome! He's doing a great job, you must be very proud.

  2. Aww I love it. You have every right to be so proud! I always felt good when Justin was in the news! Jimmy is doing great work in helping these people - duty or not!

  3. awww I'm so proud of my cousin!! Yes, you got a great man Kelly, and he got a great woman who is always behind him!!! Can't wait to meet you! ;)

  4. Great things that you are loving today!!!

  5. Thanks so much ladies. I was soo excited about this. I think its soo amazing and it was kind of a blessing in disguise because it made the entire families day.

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  7. How awesome! You must be so incredibly proud :) I think you're having a pretty good week so far and at least someone is happy with all this rain, lol.

    I'm a new follower from the hop. Happy Thursday!

  8. wow, that's so awesome!! congrats to you both ;)

  9. that is great congrats!

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    thank you :)

  10. awww, here I come here to give you a hello...I am a member of ftlob and see this post!!! Be proud of your very, very proud!

    tell him thank you too for all he does and thank you for being the supportive woman he can rely on!


  11. WOW!!!!!!!! I am just catching up with all my favorite blogs - my heart is feeling for you, beautiful girl <3<3 That is amazing that Jimmy made it to Yahoo!! And you are so sweet for saying you could pick him out of a Waldo book. :) STAY STRONG!!!!!!!! xo

  12. Congrats for your man!! What a hero! I know that you would rather have him with you but at least you are able to "see" him and what a great thing he is doing. Have a save trip and enjoy your family.

  13. That is very neat that he made the news. Give him my thanks for serving. Hope you have a great trip, and lots of fun! I am your newest follower from BMBF.

  14. Hi from Boost my Blog! So nice that your Jimmy made the news! I have my Jimmy too, and I can't sleep without him, so I know how you feel, and wish you the very best!

  15. This is amazing and both of you have huge blessing hearts! I'm in Korea (south), right by Japan and it was overwhelming,.
    Your blog is perfect.<3
    You just got yourself another follower xo