Who is the photographer? I'm Kelly of course, starting at a young age I started borrowing the family point-shoot camera taking pictures of leaves, bugs, sunsets and little things in life that are beautiful. Mom always asked me to stop running out the batteries in the camera but this passion has carried with me and it has now turned into my choice of art and expression. I really love natural, simple things. Also, enjoy fashion and a mixture of styles that makes this so much fun for me. I enjoy capturing simplicity, serenity and the beautiful moments throughout life that need to be remembered.

What can I tell you about my passion? I aspire for my photography to be the power of light, textures and colors captured by using a variety of angles then transferred into a visual story right before your eyes. My philosophy in photography is to create or find the best atmosphere and tell your story with style. I can tell you that a lot of thought and passion does go into everything that I do because for me this is not just a job. I love shooting in natural light.

What kind of gear you got girl? I recently got my love child as a gift from my other half so I can now officially say that I shoot with a Canon EOS 7D, yee! I have various lenses including fish-eye and multiple macro lenses. I am equip with a couple utility lenses for long range and also wide angle. Various filters and my handy flash are also apart of my lovely arsenal. 

Featured below: my love child.

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Available for Anything but here are some ideas......
Local & Destination Weddings
Bride-to-be Portraits
Lifestyle Shoots
Family, Baby, Anniversary
Corporate Events
Real Estate
Commercial/ Food
Senior School Portraits
Model/Fashion Shoots


  1. Kelly does a FABULOUS job! She is WONDERFUL to work with. She did our family photos, and they were all FANTASTIC! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl and her AMAZING eye to catch the little things!!!

  2. Kelly, these are awesome pictures. Your portfolio is worth publishing. I'm a follower from Meet and Follow Sunday and I'd love if you follow back for more mutual blog visits :)