Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another day

Hey, here's a couple pictures that I just got the chance to post online for everyone to see. Another day here....

Jimmy taking pictures of me with the massive bell at the Temple.
Paper cranes!!
 More paper cranes...these made my day!
The view from the drive way with zoom on. We live in a huge hill so we can see a lot.
Hello! Sorry it's been a couple days since my last post I was spending sometime with my moose of a man. Sadly, Jimmy had to go back to work today which means leave is over! waaaahh :c I don't even want to talk about that because it makes me sad. I miss him already & he's been gone for like three hours.Stupid Navy Argh!

I got up super early this morning at I think 5am or something to go to PT with him. I can laugh at myself now because I can only imagine how I looked this morning when he tried to get me up. I'm not a morning person at all and I tossed and turned all night too. I had messy up hair, buffalo butt breath and I don't even think I opened my eyes the entire time I was getting ready. Poor guy, I'm not too pretty in the am.I'm more of an evening/late afternoon kind of girl. I did enjoy the short run with some sprints we did together. That's always a nice way to start the day off feeling just a little bit skinnier.

I'm sitting at my desk now just did some school work and now I need to clean. Today is a packed schedule of events. I'm going to walk back to base here in a bit to have lunch with my moose, come home to clean and then walk back to base again for Jiu-Jitsu and probably more running. I'm trying to shred some weight and this walking is really going to help. I keep saying walk to base but I'll tell you it's actually over 2 miles just to the front gate. I'm craving some Subway so I'd walk 20 miles if I had too.

Well mainly this little post was to blab at the mouth, post some pictures that you missed while I was away for a couple days and let you know I'll be back more since I'll be spending more time with myself again. I appreciate you stopping by to visit me, things have boomed in the past days & I'm excited about it! 
Also I'm looking for someone special to host on my page and help them get more blog lovin. Let me know if you are interested etc. blah blah blah you know. Have a great Monday, think positive in all situations!


Kelly Marie

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lazy Wednesday Here

Last week or so Jimmy and me decided that we wanted to go check out the animals at the pet store. We really want a mini bulldog but the odds of finding one here in Japan is so slim. It's also slim finding a dog under $2,500. The animals here are so the cats go for about $1,800 or more. I know what you are all thinking right....America's sitting on a Kitty gold mine. It crossed my mind as well, I had a ton of barn cats when I was little. prepared for the cuteness below. Odds are you will NOT be able to handle how cute the two pictures I took are. Are you ready?......and look!


How adorable are those little things! I was trying to get Jimmy to buy me the puppy but that dog right there was $1,800. Ummm, I'll just go to an animal shelter. Anyways that was a cute little day for us and I figured I'd post about it now because today was kind of boring here and I just uploaded the pictures. Today I ran and you know how yesterday I said it was going to be easier well it wasn't. It was actually pretty bad but I'm going at it again tomorrow and we will see what happens. I'll take more time tomorrow for a more detailed post. I just want to share this overload of cuteness with everyone. Goodnight from Japan!

Kelly Marie


Questions from hoo are you @nightowlcrafting
1. Do you wear glasses or contacts, if so for how long?
I have classes that I'm supposed to wear BUT I don't. :c
2. What was your favorite board game as a kid?
Clue and I loved Risk.
3. What is a word that you use all the time?
I say woot all the time.
4. What is your favorite day of the week?
I don't know...maybe Sundays?
5. Did you graduate high school from the town you grew up in?
Nope, my town is soo little.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All around good Tuesday

Hello, I come again from my lovely nest in Japan. Today has been a very good day here although I have not slept yet. The guys were up last night watching T.V. and kicking there martial arts bags around the living room. By the time Jimmy and I looked at the clock it was around 7am and we decided, "hey, let's just not sleep!" So far this plan has gone well but as I'm typing right now it's beginning to fail. Here is how this wonderful Tuesday went for this girl.

I honestly forgot how mornings can actually be a good thing. Lately, I've been consumed with my night owl habits that sleeping in until about 2pm is a pretty common ritual. This morning I came into the kitchen bright and early and the sun was shining through the window. The sun beating on my face was amazing, I forgot what that was like as well but it was great. I sat at the kitchen table for a while and just soaked the view outside in.

Then since my spirits seriously felt like a kite I asked Jimmy if he wanted to go on a morning walk with me so I could bring my camera love child with me and capture the morning bliss. I was surprised when he was excited to go too and it ending up being awesome. Here are a handful of snapshots from our walk. 

I have more BUT I will save them for days when I don't upload pictures.

After our long walk we came home and decided we wanted to go on a run together. FYI: Do NOT take Lipo 6 on an empty stomach. The run went okay....okay as in I'm extremely out of shape from what I used to be and my endurance is crap. I'm extremely motivated though and I think that the run this morning really made me realize I need changes. I have ate so healthy today and I felt amazing after the run. I plan on doing one tomorrow as well because I look at it this way...the hardest day was yesterday and so on & so on.

The epic moment of the day had to be when Jimmy noticed the mother of all spiders just chillin on the floor. The plot: Spider says, "Hey, whats up guys?"  BAM!!!!!!  *turns on vaccum*  BAM! ITS STILL ALIVE! wkjskdg*&@^&$%^*&*@# [insert Jimmy's ninja skills].......spider dead. I swear this thing was big BUT they have spiders in Japan the size of your hand....yes, YOUR HAND! We ran to the store after the spider and got bug spray  to put all around the house and then we cleaned the living room like crazy. I'm still convinced the spider has children....

In ending....this day has been good. 
More from this morning but I got cheesy bored.

Kelly Marie

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shower thoughts

I took about an hour long steaming hot shower today and a couple things were running through my mind. I normally keep a small notepad with me at all times so that I can remember everything and write about it later but I was in the shower so no notepad this time. I will do my best to remember my scattered thoughts.

There are things in my life that I want and I want them bad. Thinking in regards to a new year resolution. I decided that I want to combine every single one of those want's and just say that I will live a bold life. I will live a fearless life. I will embrace life. Notice how there is no want...the only way we can become that special thing that we wish to be is to commit to it. 

A simple way to start is to embrace your beauty and to also embrace your faults. Take it all into account and strive to become something better. Search for beauty in ordinary things through out your life. Search for a passion and who knows you may discovery something wonderful.

Remember that it may take you a while to get to your destination but in the journey is where you will learn the things that you will take with you throughout your life. It all may seem corny but sit back and think about it.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thoughts today

How true is this? This applies to my life daily because I'm still in the process of creating the positive mind set that I need to be a happy and successful person. I am a dream weaver but it is possible to make those dreams become a reality.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Please Pass

I'm having a creative block today and I feel so tired too. I wanted to post a picture because 1) I love it and 2) I love him.

If you have the chance, please pass around. I'm getting the photography business started up and I know this will help me eventually. I appreciate your support!

Thank you
Kelly Marie

Monday, January 17, 2011

First Style Post

Hi everyone...
My shopping problem has x2 since I got here.
This is my shopping heaven right here.
This was a small store in the Yokohama train station. I don't know
about you guys but this is just glorious. So many great things!

Harajyuku style. Not me but interesting to see. Love all the PINK.

My favorite of the day. Look at this: pure Boho Madness.

I absolutely love the braid through out her hair. I saw it when I was in the
train station and could NOT walk away without taking a picture of it.

I pretty much LOVE everything about this outfit. Shorts with lepoard stockings underneath.
The oversized scarf with a tan bag to accent. Not to mention the knee high small heeled boots.


A very simple DIY idea. Adding delicate lace to anything
can make a world of a difference. Loved this!

Kelly Marie

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Memorable day for me

Yesterday was a pretty nice day here. There was something kind of special that happened to Jimmy and I while we were on the train coming home from a trip to Tokyo with some friends. On the train on the way home there was an older couple that didn't have a place to sit so Jimmy and I got up from out sits, giving them to this couple not even thinking anything of it. They started to talk to us but we couldn't understand anything that they said because they couldn't speak very good English. Our one friends wife is from Japan so she was our translator.

 We didn't even talk about anything that was too memorable with these people just what we did that day, why we were in Japan and things of that nature. They were getting off the stop before us and the woman told our friend to tell me that she just came from a wedding and wanted me and Jimmy to be very happy when we are married and she gave me a thing of flowers that she had with her (she was coming from a wedding). Inside was a star and a pearled rose which she said is something like a wish they give out and I am supposed to keep it close to me.

Let's just say I've been thinking of a wish and I plan on making it a really good one. When this couple got off the train they said they wanted to wait and wave to us. As we were leaving the woman was literally crying because she said that she was so amazed at how nice we were to them. She said that it was so rare for them to have seats given to them and people talk to them so kindly that she was very touched and felt like she needed to give us something. I've heard that getting flowers in Japan is a very big deal and I was really touched. Yesterday was a memorable day and it really makes me and the group I was with realize how important simple acts of kindness can really touch people even when it's something so small like being nice.

Below is what she gave me:

Kelly Marie

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photo of Camera & Blab.

Today has been a good day here and I hope it's been the same for you reader in the states. Jimmy had late watch last night so I went with him. We stayed up all night and got home this morning around 7:30 a.m. I think that we slept until about 4 p.m. but I am so exhausted from it. We have another late watch tomorrow as well BUT the good news is that the work week will be over and then Jimmy goes on leave! I'm very excited for the upcoming two week when he's completely away from work. I love our little adventures together. We plan on heading into Tokyo to break this camera in more. We went out to wat at Blue Water Grill that's a small resturant on base. I don't know what it is about buffalo sauce that tastes so amazing on chicken and how spinach dip always hits me the right way. I'm not use to going out and about but I like it with Jimmy.

 Here's a picture of the camera with everything that I have so far. I also got a flash, a filter and case today! Jimmy completely spoils me and I'm not going to lie I really love it. I am so thankful. Everything out here has been going really well. I'm really happy that we get to spend this time together. Distance makes you appreciate things more but I'm really glad that distance is over for now because it does start to make you go crazy.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Smaller New Year LIST.

I wrote up a smaller list of things that I want to do this year for you guys to see. This is part of my random writings/doodles for the day. I have a larger list that I keep in my journal and I'll start sharing other goals once I actually complete them. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

A quick post.

<--There she is my other love.  This camera makes me a happy girl that's for sure. I am currently looking into getting more lenses, etc. as well. I have two so far which are nice.Just want to add into this; Jimmy completely spoils me! I am so thankful for him and I can't even express in words how much I appreciate all he does for me.

Love & being loved to the depth of your spirit is what gives meaning & purpose to life. When you have loved to the full extent of your heart’s core, reach further & find that you can love even more. This is the secret of happiness. This is the way of the spirit.
--Ham Seok-heon

  1. go snuggle with Jimmy
  2. wake up & go on a date with Jimmy
  3. take LOTS of photo's
  4. workout like a moose 
  5.  get supplies for classes
  6. go snuggle with Jimmy  
#s 1 &6 may be repeated.

I hope that all is well. I PROMISE...I will be posting more stuff that also is going to come packed with juicy stories, photo's and whatever comes into this mind of mine. I'm working on editing this so far and getting everything sorted through. I hope that everyone likes what they see. I'm excited to show you all what goes through my mind and a little bit of my Kelly Wonderland.  

These pictures are from the roses Jimmy got me when I first landed in Japan. They finally were at they last leg of there life. I dried out a couple but here were the rest I played with c: This girl LOVES her some flowers.
I love you Jimmy.

Kelly Marie

Monday, January 3, 2011

Work day with Jimmy.

A couple day's ago I actually got to spend the day in Yokosuka with Jimmy. I had a great day even though it was cold and we were outside for hrs. I had never been so close to the helo's actually in movement. I got some pretty awesome shots with the camera especially with the sun changing through the hrs outside. They were doing practice SAR jump training. Here's a peak at it. Also, at the end is a picture of my birthday plate at Chili's. The guys told them it was my birthday (it's in September. It was a cute surprise.) There are a TON of photo's so check out facebook for more:

Look close that's a guy doing his SAR jumps out the bird.

Hmmm who's that hot guy?!
Notice the rainbow that started to come up.
The view was so amazing. That's a little island called Monkey Island.
Switching jumpers out.
Practice run before actual jumps.

Jimmy and some of the guys from HS-14 that did jumps this day. The little
boy is the Chief's son who wanted to get a picture with the guys.
Starting to get dark & almost done with jumps.
I was seriously this close to them.
The rainbow again. It made some of these shots awesome!
Oh it is love [:
Happy Burfday to me! Not really but I'll take that cheesecake anyways.

Okay so there are some of those pictures. I'll be posting more today's with other things because I'm trying to catch up from slacking so much. Have a lovely day in the states all.

Kelly Marie