Sunday, January 16, 2011

Memorable day for me

Yesterday was a pretty nice day here. There was something kind of special that happened to Jimmy and I while we were on the train coming home from a trip to Tokyo with some friends. On the train on the way home there was an older couple that didn't have a place to sit so Jimmy and I got up from out sits, giving them to this couple not even thinking anything of it. They started to talk to us but we couldn't understand anything that they said because they couldn't speak very good English. Our one friends wife is from Japan so she was our translator.

 We didn't even talk about anything that was too memorable with these people just what we did that day, why we were in Japan and things of that nature. They were getting off the stop before us and the woman told our friend to tell me that she just came from a wedding and wanted me and Jimmy to be very happy when we are married and she gave me a thing of flowers that she had with her (she was coming from a wedding). Inside was a star and a pearled rose which she said is something like a wish they give out and I am supposed to keep it close to me.

Let's just say I've been thinking of a wish and I plan on making it a really good one. When this couple got off the train they said they wanted to wait and wave to us. As we were leaving the woman was literally crying because she said that she was so amazed at how nice we were to them. She said that it was so rare for them to have seats given to them and people talk to them so kindly that she was very touched and felt like she needed to give us something. I've heard that getting flowers in Japan is a very big deal and I was really touched. Yesterday was a memorable day and it really makes me and the group I was with realize how important simple acts of kindness can really touch people even when it's something so small like being nice.

Below is what she gave me:

Kelly Marie


  1. Oh wow! That is awesome! They are pretty flowers. I hope you think of a wonderful wish.

  2. Yeah it was really awesome :) Thanks for stopping by everyone!