Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All around good Tuesday

Hello, I come again from my lovely nest in Japan. Today has been a very good day here although I have not slept yet. The guys were up last night watching T.V. and kicking there martial arts bags around the living room. By the time Jimmy and I looked at the clock it was around 7am and we decided, "hey, let's just not sleep!" So far this plan has gone well but as I'm typing right now it's beginning to fail. Here is how this wonderful Tuesday went for this girl.

I honestly forgot how mornings can actually be a good thing. Lately, I've been consumed with my night owl habits that sleeping in until about 2pm is a pretty common ritual. This morning I came into the kitchen bright and early and the sun was shining through the window. The sun beating on my face was amazing, I forgot what that was like as well but it was great. I sat at the kitchen table for a while and just soaked the view outside in.

Then since my spirits seriously felt like a kite I asked Jimmy if he wanted to go on a morning walk with me so I could bring my camera love child with me and capture the morning bliss. I was surprised when he was excited to go too and it ending up being awesome. Here are a handful of snapshots from our walk. 

I have more BUT I will save them for days when I don't upload pictures.

After our long walk we came home and decided we wanted to go on a run together. FYI: Do NOT take Lipo 6 on an empty stomach. The run went okay....okay as in I'm extremely out of shape from what I used to be and my endurance is crap. I'm extremely motivated though and I think that the run this morning really made me realize I need changes. I have ate so healthy today and I felt amazing after the run. I plan on doing one tomorrow as well because I look at it this way...the hardest day was yesterday and so on & so on.

The epic moment of the day had to be when Jimmy noticed the mother of all spiders just chillin on the floor. The plot: Spider says, "Hey, whats up guys?"  BAM!!!!!!  *turns on vaccum*  BAM! ITS STILL ALIVE! wkjskdg*&@^&$%^*&*@# [insert Jimmy's ninja skills].......spider dead. I swear this thing was big BUT they have spiders in Japan the size of your hand....yes, YOUR HAND! We ran to the store after the spider and got bug spray  to put all around the house and then we cleaned the living room like crazy. I'm still convinced the spider has children....

In ending....this day has been good. 
More from this morning but I got cheesy bored.

Kelly Marie


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  5. Hey Love!!! I love your pics. I am so so happy for you! You make me want to get into running. I need to do zumba. Doing better on the eating healthy. lol. Have to admit I am going to follow one or two blogs that have been posted on this post. :) Love and Miss ya!!!

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  7. You are amazing! I am growing more and more envious of you and being able to experience Japan. If you're there for too much longer, you may be getting a visitor if I can find a free flight out there with the military.. jus sayin.

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