Monday, January 3, 2011

Work day with Jimmy.

A couple day's ago I actually got to spend the day in Yokosuka with Jimmy. I had a great day even though it was cold and we were outside for hrs. I had never been so close to the helo's actually in movement. I got some pretty awesome shots with the camera especially with the sun changing through the hrs outside. They were doing practice SAR jump training. Here's a peak at it. Also, at the end is a picture of my birthday plate at Chili's. The guys told them it was my birthday (it's in September. It was a cute surprise.) There are a TON of photo's so check out facebook for more:

Look close that's a guy doing his SAR jumps out the bird.

Hmmm who's that hot guy?!
Notice the rainbow that started to come up.
The view was so amazing. That's a little island called Monkey Island.
Switching jumpers out.
Practice run before actual jumps.

Jimmy and some of the guys from HS-14 that did jumps this day. The little
boy is the Chief's son who wanted to get a picture with the guys.
Starting to get dark & almost done with jumps.
I was seriously this close to them.
The rainbow again. It made some of these shots awesome!
Oh it is love [:
Happy Burfday to me! Not really but I'll take that cheesecake anyways.

Okay so there are some of those pictures. I'll be posting more today's with other things because I'm trying to catch up from slacking so much. Have a lovely day in the states all.

Kelly Marie


  1. miss you and looks like your having a wonderful time....... tell jimmy i said hello..... and i love your FB. post "it smells like ramen noodles outside" very funny :)

  2. Love the pics. I like the sunset one thats beautiful! I know you are having a blast. I cant wait to skype with you sometime soon. Got to get stuff figured out for a night/morning time that will work for both of us. Miss ya! Love ya!