Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photo of Camera & Blab.

Today has been a good day here and I hope it's been the same for you reader in the states. Jimmy had late watch last night so I went with him. We stayed up all night and got home this morning around 7:30 a.m. I think that we slept until about 4 p.m. but I am so exhausted from it. We have another late watch tomorrow as well BUT the good news is that the work week will be over and then Jimmy goes on leave! I'm very excited for the upcoming two week when he's completely away from work. I love our little adventures together. We plan on heading into Tokyo to break this camera in more. We went out to wat at Blue Water Grill that's a small resturant on base. I don't know what it is about buffalo sauce that tastes so amazing on chicken and how spinach dip always hits me the right way. I'm not use to going out and about but I like it with Jimmy.

 Here's a picture of the camera with everything that I have so far. I also got a flash, a filter and case today! Jimmy completely spoils me and I'm not going to lie I really love it. I am so thankful. Everything out here has been going really well. I'm really happy that we get to spend this time together. Distance makes you appreciate things more but I'm really glad that distance is over for now because it does start to make you go crazy.



  1. I am glad you are as happy and doing so well, love! You deserve it after all the ups and downs.

  2. I love your camera stuff! I've been considering switching to a Canon... I like how vivid the colors are. Your photography is gorgeous and I'm so glad that things are going well for you! Take lots of pictures of Tokyo!!

    Ashleyyyy (:

  3. Love the camera!! Nice lens too. Make sure you keep the pictures coming! And as I have told you June 11th you must be there I need all the extra pics I can get! :) If I knew for sure you were able to be there I would have you be the photographer since I know it woudnt cost me an arm and a leg lol. Stay happy and have fun! I bet the food is good out there. Enjoy!!! You deserve the time with him. Distance does make you appreciate what you have more and makes it all worth while when you are finally together. As you know I know! lol. Love you!!

  4. :)nice camera i happy your doign great.. tell jimmy i said hello and enjoy taking all them wonderful pic.. i love seeing them.. miss ya