Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another day

Hey, here's a couple pictures that I just got the chance to post online for everyone to see. Another day here....

Jimmy taking pictures of me with the massive bell at the Temple.
Paper cranes!!
 More paper cranes...these made my day!
The view from the drive way with zoom on. We live in a huge hill so we can see a lot.
Hello! Sorry it's been a couple days since my last post I was spending sometime with my moose of a man. Sadly, Jimmy had to go back to work today which means leave is over! waaaahh :c I don't even want to talk about that because it makes me sad. I miss him already & he's been gone for like three hours.Stupid Navy Argh!

I got up super early this morning at I think 5am or something to go to PT with him. I can laugh at myself now because I can only imagine how I looked this morning when he tried to get me up. I'm not a morning person at all and I tossed and turned all night too. I had messy up hair, buffalo butt breath and I don't even think I opened my eyes the entire time I was getting ready. Poor guy, I'm not too pretty in the am.I'm more of an evening/late afternoon kind of girl. I did enjoy the short run with some sprints we did together. That's always a nice way to start the day off feeling just a little bit skinnier.

I'm sitting at my desk now just did some school work and now I need to clean. Today is a packed schedule of events. I'm going to walk back to base here in a bit to have lunch with my moose, come home to clean and then walk back to base again for Jiu-Jitsu and probably more running. I'm trying to shred some weight and this walking is really going to help. I keep saying walk to base but I'll tell you it's actually over 2 miles just to the front gate. I'm craving some Subway so I'd walk 20 miles if I had too.

Well mainly this little post was to blab at the mouth, post some pictures that you missed while I was away for a couple days and let you know I'll be back more since I'll be spending more time with myself again. I appreciate you stopping by to visit me, things have boomed in the past days & I'm excited about it! 
Also I'm looking for someone special to host on my page and help them get more blog lovin. Let me know if you are interested etc. blah blah blah you know. Have a great Monday, think positive in all situations!


Kelly Marie


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  3. Girl, you need a bike! That would make "walking" to base so much more fun. I hate walking. Im more of a biking kinda girl! :)

  4. what a lovely blog you have! i'm your newest follower via the blog hop! :)

  5. thanks for stopping by everyone!!

    jolena- I want a bike soooo bad!!

  6. Awesome! Love the pics. You can do the walk, 2 miles isnt that bad. I have a pedometer on my phone and it tells me how much I walk at work, up and down the meat counter right,... it ranges from 2.5 miles to 5.5 miles in a day. Geeze! So to loose weight I have to add to my daily routine and push myself. I dont really want to go out and walk an extra 2 miles myself. haha. LOVE YOU!!! xoxo Have a wonderful Tuesday night, my Monday was great check my blog.

  7. Love the paper cranes! :)
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