Monday, January 17, 2011

First Style Post

Hi everyone...
My shopping problem has x2 since I got here.
This is my shopping heaven right here.
This was a small store in the Yokohama train station. I don't know
about you guys but this is just glorious. So many great things!

Harajyuku style. Not me but interesting to see. Love all the PINK.

My favorite of the day. Look at this: pure Boho Madness.

I absolutely love the braid through out her hair. I saw it when I was in the
train station and could NOT walk away without taking a picture of it.

I pretty much LOVE everything about this outfit. Shorts with lepoard stockings underneath.
The oversized scarf with a tan bag to accent. Not to mention the knee high small heeled boots.


A very simple DIY idea. Adding delicate lace to anything
can make a world of a difference. Loved this!

Kelly Marie

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