Friday, February 18, 2011

Catching up again*

Well here I am again procrastinating with posts darn it. My anniversary was on the 16th and lovely Valentines day was on the 14th so lets just say I normally get a pretty good couple days straight where I'm showered with lovely gifts. I really wish I could have posted these photo's sooner because they are just darling but I didn't have the time until now. The day before Valentines day Jimmy got me more stuffed friends to add to my collection. I have enough to fill a children store, it's quite awesome being honest.
My newest cuddly friends:
 This little guy isn't so little!!
Loving on my fwend. He got him because he's big like Jimmy and will make me feel like I'm still sleeping with Jimmy even if he is miles away from me. I think it will work :)
 Meet: Squirrel and my raccoon. I'm giggling as I write this. They are too cute! I love getting little cute presents.
Here is Jimmy Bear making himself at home.

The weather here has been pretty bipolar the past couple days. I seem to be loving it completely though...I'm getting the best of the seasons. Snow, lovely rain and then bursts of that warm sun you just want to lay in. I only got pictures of the snow but this doesn't even capture the snowy madness that happened. Jimmy and I went and took a walk in the snow late that night and it was beautiful. We walked to the temple right down the road, threw snowballs and other fun things. I attempted to slide down a massive hill with a lid to the plastic container. I failed. Here's what the snow looked like during the day. This was nothing compared to later on that day though. 
I can't get away from Ohio no matter where in the world I am!!

Everything is going okay here. I really miss Jimmy a lot. I've been getting headaches and having some trouble sleeping since Jimmy left. I feel like I need a good pamper with a bubble bath. Thankfully the tub we have here is literally like a grave or small pool. I'm pretty sure that if I fall asleep in it I may drown. I've been running daily but this Sat and Sun are my off days. I have more plans for the blog that I'm going to be working on after I finish school tomorrow. Now I'm just blabbing about nothing.

Kelly Marie


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