Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Anniversary

Today marks the day that Jimmy and I started dating.
Happy Anniversary to my love!
Today should be a super lovey day and don't get me wrong IT IS but it's also bittersweet right now. Duty called and Jimmy had to leave for a while starting today. He was actually supposed to leave a couple days ago so I'm actually quite blessed that I got him on Valentines Day and our Anniversary morning. I guess the Navy didn't completely screw things up. I'm going to be productive while he's gone but I already miss him. Maybe that's why my stomach is upset right now? I think I'll be going to bed early tonight and hopefully wake up feeling okay.

I started a facebook page for JKR Photography.
Check it out here:
JKR Photography

Here's one of my favorites that I ever took. I figured I post it on here again to show more of the photo's off.

Kelly Marie


  1. I hope the time flies by until he is home again!

  2. thank you me too! He just left and I'm already bored/sad! :c

  3. Boo, I'm sorry he had to leave! Hopefully time will fly by, just keep busy!

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  5. aww this is such a sweet post! don't worry, he'll be home again in no time :).

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  7. Happy Anniversary! :) Hope it was a good one even though he had to leave!

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  11. I'm glad you were able to spend some special time together and he'll be back before you know it...just keep busy!!
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  13. No fun being apart...

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