Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a white out.

1301: I fell asleep studying last night and I woke up to a car that was dead in the drive-way. I eventually made it to class after my car was jumped. The test has my brain pretty much fried. Luckily, it's a complete whiteout right now and evening classes have been cancelled at Kent. I'm sitting here stuck at school because I can't dare drive in this but honestly that's okay. It's beautiful outside right now. I'm playing soft music, serenading myself of course and I feel at peace instantly in this moment. If I could snap my fingers and have a few things by me I'd have a fire place, a big fluffy blanket and Jimmy with me. I'm going to go soak all of this beauty up right now and I will return later. I hope you all are enjoying this too! Ps. Jenn, wish you were here in this winter wonderland with me! you'd love this!

2101: Here is a photo of Matryoshka dolls that I recently took. I am completely in love with them. They are a symbol of motherhood and fertility. If you have never seen one of these dolls before I would recommend checking them out. You'll be surprised how small the very last one is and how much detail and time go into their craftsmanship. Just a teenie taste of what I like, there will be more to come in due time.

I'm off for the night. Snow's got me trapped in the house BUT this is a blessing in disguise because I can study until I cannot study anymore. Sweetest dreams to you!

Kelly Marie 

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