Thursday, December 16, 2010

Leaving the states.

It's 3:03 in the morning here and I'm getting ready to leave for JAPAN! Words cannot express my happiness right now. I passed ALL of my finals today and now I'm going to see my big moose of a man for a couple months. Im so so soooo happy. Farewell Ohio, you will not be missed too much. My next post will be from the land of the rising sun. Stay tuned in!

Kelly Marie


  1. besafe and have fun.. and even though u wont miss ohio.. it will miss u.. love ya

  2. Oh I can see the smile and radiating light coming from you all the way here shining through this crazy fog. :) Love you!! You seem so far away! 8 hrs was enough. lol. Cant wait to skype with you!! I will be taking my laptop with me to moms and Memphis. :) Keep on smiling happy girl!